Pixie Village is the home of the pixies and where the magical trees like the Tree of Life, the Tree of Portals and the Story Tree are found.


Season 2Edit

In season 2, Lord Darkar kidnapped most of the pixies looking for it knowing that a piece of the Codex was there. Darkar eventually found it and the Codex when the fake Avalon faked being ill to get Livy to go there. Icy followed her there and froze the Flower of Life putting Pixie Village in danger of disappearing. After encouragement from Helia the flower was cured by Flora and the village was saved, as were the Winx' bonded pixies who came down with the flu back in the Resort Realm.

The Secret of the Lost KingdomEdit

In the movie, the village was the Winx' first stop on the way to Obsidian as they needed a key from the Tree of Portals to open the gate.

Season 4Edit

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Magical AdventureEdit

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See alsoEdit

Pixieville. Pixieville is the town where the Pixies live in the spin-off series Pop Pixie. Since Rainbow has not preciseed whether the Pop Pixie Universe is the same as the Winx Club Universe, it is most likely that PixieVille was inspired from the Pixie Village.

  • However, if both these series take place in the same Universe, it is then probable that it is the Pixie Village which later became PixieVille.
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